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I am a native Californian and 53-year resident of Riverside County who believes our state needs sensible solutions to face the discord and challenges ahead. Married 50 years, I’m a long time business owner, former Southwest Riverside County patrol deputy and police chief, prior U.S. Army infantry SSGT, fire department service, university and high school head coach. Currently, I’m Chairman of the Public Safety Advisory Commission for Lake Elsinore. I can take a great deal of experience to Sacramento to represent the 67th District.

Today’s politics is not for the faint of heart, and Californians deserve an Assemblyman who is not afraid to reach across the aisle to address our challenges and create solutions for a more sensible California.

Why is Jerry running?

Quality of life issues, the economy, education, our environment, health, police & fire, are all issues that when addressed properly in Sacramento can improve the lives of everyone living in California, We need to work together to get Covid under control and get our economy rolling along again. We need to be better prepared for the next pandemic that will come along. Covid-19 was not our first invading disease nor will it be our last. Police & fire protection are government's primary responsibilities. I will support giving them as many resources as possible. We can see that fire service is going to be major factor in the future of California. We are going to have huge budget issues in the near future. We'll need to cut back on giveaway programs and scrutinize what we want to invest money in. Education is one of those items. Science, technology, research are items to invest in that can have great returns..

Several of my concerns:

ECONOMY: Keeping California the 5th largest economy in the world will mean great cooperation between business and labor. And it will entail using our tax dollars wisely.

EDUCATION: We need to make sure that our students do not lose a year of education because of Covid-19.

EARLY RELEASE: Criminals who have physically harmed others should not be released early from jail/prison.

HOMELESSNESS: Compassion is key in dealing with our homeless population, but not everyone wants help. For those who don’t, we need creative solutions to keep our communities safe and clean.

WATER/AIR: We want the cleanest air and safest water for ourselves and generations to come.  I ask for you to vote. I ask for your vote.


Donations are highly appreciated!

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